Why is literacy in the workplace so important?

The current state of literacy in the PEI labour force seriously limits PEI’s capacity to have an adaptable and viable workforce and a competitive provincial economy. This will increase over time. The effects of low literacy in our labour force will be with us for the next several decades.

People who are employed cannot quit work to go back to school because they cannot afford to do this. However, we know the numbers of Islanders with low skills work and we know where to find them.

Workplace learning programs can be easy to access if there is leadership, resources, and money available to help people upgrade their literacy levels.

If we can improve the literacy levels in our current labour force we can look forward to:

  • Increased employment levels,
  • More flexibility to take advantage of new opportunities,
  • Higher incomes,
  • More opportunity for passing the value of higher literacy rates from parents to their children,
  • Higher levels of community involvement,
  • Higher levels of trust, and
  • Better health outcomes.